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Some words about EVIG Elektromotor Energy Ltd.

Established in 1887, the predecessor of EVIG Ltd. gathered wide-scale experience in the production of electrical rotating machines, which development continues even today, built on 110 years of tradition and expertise. One of the most apparent examples is the completion of the electric tram-network of Budapest with the related power-plants, as well as the underground railway of Budapest, inaugurated in 1896, making it the first subway in continental Europe. As a result of our accumulated know-how over the years and our up-to-date production technology, our products are operating in more than 30 countries - in some places in quite extreme circumstances - , meeting our customers’ various demands.

In the last four decades the products designed and built by EVIG have been utilized in a broad area of Hungarian industrial equipment (cranes, CNC-machines, tramway, elevators, etc. ) and in many different industrial branches ( mining, metallurgy, power-stations, construction industry, transportation ) and are present on the export markets as an integrated part of complete industrial equipment. Our present activity is focused on the design and production of electrical rotating machines, as well as the overhaul and renewal of motors and generators.

Our highly-skilled technical development engineers have many years of experience, and their effective work helps us develop our new products according to our customers’ requirements.

Our series-produced electrical equipment are also constructed using our own design-facilities.

Our products are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide, as a result of continuous marketing-activity. The “EVIG” brand has not only become a well-known trade mark among our customers, but also the mark of excellent quality and dependability. Many of our customers have become regular partners during the years, appreciating the specific advantages of our products when it comes to quality and price, and the high level of after-sales service. These fundaments create an excellent basis for long-term relationships that will last long after the first shipments have taken place.

One of the main profiles of EVIG is the design and manufacture of electric machines over 2MW output power domain, with unique technical design, special product-characteristics and high performance, both for DC and high-voltage applications.

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