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Type: Electric machines for individual requirements Electric machines with special design, produced individuall :

Fields of application

We design, develop and produce these specially-designed electrical machines in close co-operation with our clients. Our electric machines produced for unique orders are suited for driving machines, aerators, pumps, compressors and other equipment in various industrial applications, including mining and power-production.


Our machines are produced based on the results of our in-house testing and meet all the requirements of general conditions, installation and joining measures, power-staging, electrical data and mechanical joining with the technological requirements of the machine to be replaced.


Our customized and individually produced machines are made in low- and high-voltage form.

Voltage level: 400 – 11.000 V

Power range: 200 kW – 3 MW

Shaft-height: 355 – 710 mm

Speed of rotation: 200 – 3000 r/min

Their building form, mechanical protection and type of cooling are equivalent with the given demands or with the technical data of the machine to be replaced.

Further options

We are capable of designing, developing and producing electrical machines for a given specific use based on local experience, while providing the actual driving drift line.

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