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Type : 2AZ, 2AH 2AZC, 2AHC

High voltage slip – ring asynchronous motors with fully-enclosed or open drip-proof design :

Fields of application

Our high-voltage motors are capable of driving machines, ventilators, pumps, compressors and other apparatus in many areas of the power-industry, mining and general industry.


Installation dimensions and output ratings: IEC 72

General conditions, requirements and tests: IEC 34-1, VDE 0530


The motors are constructed on block-principle, with welded frame, heat-exchanger or air-deflector boxes, cast- iron bearing shields and terminal boxes in the basic construction.

Mounting form: IM 1001, IM 3011

Mechanical protection and cooling method: at 2AZC motors IP 54 respectively IC 611 at 2AHC motors IP 23 respectively IC 01

Technical data

Rated voltage: 6 000 V

Rated frequency: 50 Hz Duty: S1

Ambient temperature: max. 40C

Further options

Different mounting form and position, different installing dimensions, IP 55 protection, different rated voltage and frequency, different duty, different ambient temperature, winding and bearing temperature detectors.

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